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Most bright and capable graduate students confront a variety of
barriers as they work through the dissertation process. 

Many students feel overwhelmed by the size or scope of the work. 
Some experience difficulties dealing with the politics of their department
and securing all the resources and support they need to progress with their research.  Some experience difficulties balancing their personal, professional and academic lives.  Almost all feel some degree of underlying concern regarding graduating and transitioning to the “real“ world. 

You need not feel alone if your dissertation is not progressing as quickly as you would like.  I have worked with numerous graduate students in a variety of programs abroad as well as in the United States.

I can help you focus on what you need to achieve, stay organized, and address problems, barriers and situations as they arise.

Of course, you are the expert on your area of study, so I am unable to advise you directly on the content of your dissertation.  Rather, my goal is help you address and minimize whatever difficulties you face regarding completion of your dissertation.

Your success is too important for you to go it alone.  Call me.



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