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Mothers with medically fragile infants have many additional emotional
and information needs beyond those of typical births.  Often the best insights, ideas and true empathy come from those who also face this difficult situation. 

Discussing the needs of babies and families over the phone offers a
safe setting for sharing and eliminates the need for travel to a common meeting place.

Groups begin each month.  Each group will meet for eight, one-hour sessions over eight weeks.  Each session begins with a presentation covering a specific topic.  Discussion, questions and answers follow.
Most of the hour-long session focuses on concerns and issues faced by the participants from the previous week.

Session topics may include:

     Recognizing your strengths

     Promoting play

     Stress reduction techniques


     Infant development

     Sibling issues

      Family dynamics

Participant fee: Call for current pricing.

Participants are responsible for their own telephone and long distance charges.

Space is limited. Maximum number of participants per group: 10

To register, call 919-240-7059 or email Cathy@CathyRodrigues.com
Give your name, address, telephone number, email address and your preferred meeting timeómorning, afternoon or evening.  We will confirm your registration by telephone.






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