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When putting words to paper that best characterize Cathy's coaching presence,
I find myself awed by the many wonderful descriptors that I could possibly list. 
But rather than simply stating idioms, I prefer to exemplify what I consider to be
her most renowned quality, namely her authentic support.

Thanks Cathy for your unequivocal encouragement, it has helped so much.

Jay McLean (PhD student in New Zealand)


“Cathy’s help was most instrumental in helping me achieve some of my goals:
not just to finish my Ph.D. (although that was a lot of work!), but also to handle
simultaneous challenges, such as a big international move, a pregnancy, a dreaded
driving test and much more! While I may have made these things happen without
her support, her constant, encouraging presence made a tremendous difference
in terms of anxiety management as well as practical planning. Cathy’s ability to
pinpoint recurrent thought patterns and habits and to foster deliberate action were
extremely useful to me. Being accountable to her was great because she was serious
about our work together without ever being stern or judgmental.

My husband likes to say that this was our best investment ever as it helped preserve
our sanity throughout the last 18 months of my Ph.D., and I agree!”   

Fabienne Adler, PhD



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